Are you digitally-savvy and looking for a way to shop online without a credit card?

We at Retail Insight,  offer the best solution for your online shopping convenience. Long queues and frustrations are a thing of the past. We are proud to introduce our new line of cards.


Our cards are equipped with the latest security technology on the market. With our accompanying Mobile App, it's twice as easy to keep your finances secure and conveniently available for you. No need to carry around large sums of money or having fear of your card being stolen. There are various ways to retain your funds if you feel they have been compromised.


We are also proud to announce that this app is readily available on the Android System, through Google Play, and on the iOS as well, through the Apple AppStore. With our long secure trading history, our user friendly interface makes it easy for you to navigate and make payments and/or purchases online.


Keep reading to learn more about our services and more on how you can get the most out of our Cards!

Why Choose Cards?

We have made it possible to control your cards, whenever, wherever, all at the touch of a button.

Our App is convenient and easy to get started and safe with the integrated 3D Security Technology System.

Easy to understand step-by-step instructions and customization when its required.



User Friendly

Our exceptional excellence in the challenging world of

processing, ensures our clients always optimise their

valuable time and resources.

Gift Cards

Our Gift Card is a branded pre-paid card that allows large

corporate and small business entities to incentivise, remunerate and facilitate payment.

Why Purchase Gift Cards?


  • Pre-Paid Gift Cards can be swiped at any merchant speed point within South Africa.


  • Not restricted to certain stores or malls.


  • Safer and convenient alternative to carrying cash around.


  • No pin required.


  • Card personalization available.


  • Reloadable until card expiry date – 3 years.

We keep things as simple and streamlined as

possible in our pricing, technology and service.

Cash Cards

Any company or individual who needs to facilitate a payment mechanism.


Large corporate and small businesses that issue cards in place of cash to

manage and track cash spent more accurately and securely.


Money transfer companies issue Cash Cards to their customers to be able to spend money locally.


Any employers that want to pay incentives to their permanent employees

or clients and wages to part-time workers.

Who Uses Them?

The convenience of cash with the

security of a card.

Why it's a good idea.


Create your own branded prepaid debit card product and increase brand visibility.


It works like a debit card – cardholders can use the card to draw cash at ATMs or pay for goods anywhere where MasterCard or Visa are accepted.


You don’t need a bank account to own a Cash Card.


Cash Cards  are pin protected and secure.


No need to carry or hold large amounts of cash.


Flat withdrawal fees at any Standard Bank ATM.


We are proud to introduce our Virtual Card App,

an innovative idea that will change your online shopping experience.


Our App is easy to get started and safe with the integrated 3D Security Technology System.


The benefits of our Virtual Card allows for the user to shop online through our App

based card platform.


With unmatched convenience we have made it possible for you to control your card/s wherever, whenever, all in one application.

Virtual Card


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